Hi, my name is David Balluff. Some days I am an artist. Some days I design things. Some days I teach people stuff, mostly about art, and silk screening.

I have been building web sites since the beginning, which makes me incredibly old, wise, and probably useless. Slowburn has been my digital playground since 1996.  I have an MFA in Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute, if you’re asking.

As this site is more than twenty years old, I decided to do some housekeeping to get rid of the cruft – legacy code, .gif photos, and incriminating evidence.  My plan is to slowly return old projects – Hugh, Rosa, and create a more up-to-date archive of my past errors in judgement. 🙂

I really dig languages, iconography, and symbols, and how they often tend to disseminate in a viral manner. I studied Chinese in Taiwan, where, in the traditional characters, a written word can be dense with meaning, history, and social cues. My thesis for grad school had to do with visual propaganda, rhetoric, and snake oil salesmen.