Testimonial 1

"I was a wreck...my husband and I were constantly finding chicken entrails in our driveway. We would have had to move out of the neighborhood if not for Rev. Hugh's Witch Removal Kit!"

- Mrs. Rosalie Lamb

Testimonial 2

"When I found out my neighbor's house was made out of gingerbread, I was afraid to let my children play in the yard. Now that we've run that witch out of town, I don't have to worry anymore!"

- The Legg Family

Testimonial 2

"For years, witches have been stealing my gin. They take it right out of my finely crafted, antique bar caddy which my late grandpappy, who was a prominent mortgage banker on the Wall Street, gave to me.

I'd fired all the help, who else could it be but witches, right? Well, I bought one of Rev. Hugh's Witch Removal Kits, and it worked great, though I wish we had done it out of doors.

- Mrs. Helen Morgenwether

Witch Removal Kit

Is YOUR Neighborhood
Infested with WITCHES?

To find out if your neighborhood is infested with witches, take this two-minute scientifically accurate quiz:

1. My neighborhood is infested with witches:

If you answered Yes, then you are in SERIOUS DANGER from witches! In fact, one could be hacking your computer or enchanting your livestock right now! Look out!

Since the glorious days of the Inquisition (when witches were nearly wiped out), these foul hags of the devil have dramatically increased in numbers. There are over 12 million practioners of sorcery in the United States alone! And even more if you include magicians and pagans!

And they all want to convert your kids to the DEVIL!

What YOU Can Do To Save
Your Family from WITCHES:

You may be suprised to hear this, but I get frantic letters all the time from visitors to this website asking me if their hairdresser is a witch, or the UPS delivery gal, etc. Usually they are.

But the important thing to remember is that with Rev. Hugh's Witch Removal Kit, you not only get peace of mind, you also get my Witch Testing Kit FREE!

No more wondering about Betty, who always makes such delicious desserts. Now you'll be able to tell if she's serving black magic brownies at your church socials!

And with Rev. Hugh's new improved formula, there's no more stinky gasoline smell on your hands after you've burned your witch at the stake.

Economical. Convenient. Earth Friendlier.

Can your family afford NOT to have Rev. Hugh's Witch Removal Kit? How much will Mortal Peril cost your family? Order a Rev. Hugh Brand Product catalog NOW!!