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Rosa, or the Contessa as she is known to her adoring fans, remains an enigma despite her many years in the ring.

Who is she? Where did she come from? And most importantly, how did she become the champion that she is today? This is the story of her life, from her humble beginnings, through adversity and defeat, to her ultimate victory.

Got a problem? Ask Miss Know-It-All!

Rosa becomes an advice columnist following her expulsion from the UFW. In her first column, she has a heart to heart talk with her new readers.

  • Episode #1
    At the pinnacle of her wrestling career,
    Rosa has a flashback!

    Episode #2
    Rosa loses her title in a fixed match,
    and sinks into a depression!

  • Episode #3
    Rosa's past indescretions come to light
    in a sleazy tabloid!

    Rosa spread from A La Brava Magazine

  • In the Ring with Rosa is a collaborative project from 1995-98 created by David Balluff and Nao Bustamante